Dass es so etwas gibt! Auch ich bin verliebt.
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I use fae pronouns
They work like this:
Fae is walking down the street.
That is faer blog.
Have you seen faer?
That is faers.
Fae loves faerself.

Fae rhymes with they. Faer rhymes with their and sounds like fair.
Just like with she/her pronouns, the object and possessive (in this case, faer) are the same.
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for me the biggest unsolved mystery of the world is whether or not My Immortal was a trollfic or a legitimate fanfiction that someone sat down and wrote.


i like the term ‘gender alignments’ because it presents new identities such as: lawful gender, gender evil, and the ever mysterious gender gender.


im really confused by people that thing all les amis were straight white boys? like………….theyre revolutionaries.  as if a huge group of straight white men looked at the status quo and decided “yeah this is unacceptable”


some hermione sketches~~

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Aloha Oe, Aloha Oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace, a ho’i a’e au
Until we meet again.

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you don’t need to do that, you know.

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Day 3: A female antagonist in a musical
The Witch - Into the Woods

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This can speak for itself. 


top seven songs in heathers: the musical (as voted by my followers)

three: meant to be yours

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sweeney todd [the netherlands, 2014]


im not entirely sure where i was going with this???

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