Dass es so etwas gibt! Auch ich bin verliebt.
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I use fae pronouns
They work like this:
Fae is walking down the street.
That is faer blog.
Have you seen faer?
That is faers.
Fae loves faerself.

Fae rhymes with day. Faer sounds like fair.
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maybe if i listen to elisabeth 50 more times i’d be fluent in german

spielichdiestarke asked: ich gehör nur mir or mijn leven is van mij

Vincent Van Gogh and yellow

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Andrej Pejic by Hong Jang Hyun in ‘Flower Bomb' for VOGUE Korea January 2014 [Scans from Raymond Kim of tFS]

Dark!Elsa appreciation post. (◠‿◠✿) 

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<3 <3 <3

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Why do we still use XNA? It’s so old and I now have to install the whole thing again because it doesn’t like Windows 8.

I just want to get on with my graphics.

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100% Achilles <3

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"too many dudes. i’m so sick of dudes. every time i see something with a dude in it i’m like ‘fuck you, i don’t want to watch this.’"

- my glorious roommate, as she spreads peanut butter on a saltine (via baby-fish-mouth)
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Fun game you guys!! Submit me a picture of yourself and i’ll tell you who id cast you as in a broadway musical plus give you a blograte!! 


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i want to be best friends with someone on here and skype and text all the time and watch stupid movies and talk about boys and girls and i just want friends


i got 99 problems and fantine never being able to see cosette again is all of them

On the train to uni!


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'I was your crystal angel'