Dass es so etwas gibt! Auch ich bin verliebt.
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I use fae pronouns
They work like this:
Fae is walking down the street.
That is faer blog.
Have you seen faer?
That is faers.
Fae loves faerself.

Fae rhymes with they. Faer rhymes with their and sounds like fair.
Just like with she/her pronouns, the object and possessive (in this case, faer) are the same.
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I tried.


No Good Deed, by Claidhcori

this is so awesome

Zolang ik adem en leef, vouw ik mijn zwervende hart om je heen,
Om de vrouw die mijn ziel heeft geraakt
Die me riep in mijn droom en gewoon heeft gewacht tot ik kwam 
Tis zo helder als glas, ik was onderweg naar jou.


gilmore girlsone gifset per episode
they shoot gilmore’s, don’t they? [3.07]

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Soldier of Orange - The Musical premiered on October 30, 2010 with Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in attendance. The performance takes place on the largest indoor theatrical stage set ever built. The audience experiences the show in ‘SceneAround’, a theatrical performance solution specially developed for this production. The audience is seated on a 360-degree rotating auditorium that turns from set to set, accompanied a by a 180-degree projection surface, to create an unforgettable theatre experience. As of June 2013
Soldier of Orange - The Musical has played over 900 sold-out performances to a total audience of over 1,000,000.


I just spent a while trying to filter this to look a little less “nice unassuming hero” and more “will crush governments I don’t like with as much force as necessary”

toraberushimeri asked:
Out of all of Les Amis, who do you think would be the most likely to randomly show up to a meeting with a baby goat?

theladyragnell answered:

See, this is a difficult question not because I think any of them wouldn’t but because I think they all definitely would.

Enjolras shows up in a temper because someone was abusing a baby goat and who does things like that and raging about the injustices of animal abuse while cuddling the baby.

Combeferre is goat-sitting and enthuses about the many and varied uses for goats and has his goat litter-trained and thus figures he may as well bring it out to get socialized.

Courfeyrac confiscated the kid because it was being held as evidence at the police station or something and it was bleating and really, Enjolras, what was he supposed to do, leave it there?

One of Feuilly’s neighbors had the goat but couldn’t take care of it anymore, so he took it in, and it’s still young enough to need frequent feeding, so he brings it to the meeting.

Jehan turns up with the goat following at his heels, announces he’s named it Eurydice because it followed him out of hell, and declines to explain further. When Combeferre points out it is a boy goat he only gets a withering look in response.

Joly and Bossuet turn up with a goat, Bossuet’s arm in a sling, and about six bags full of potential goat foods Joly wants to try. Both of them look very shifty. They all decide it is probably best not to ask.

Bahorel met this dude with a baller goat, and the dude was totally an asshole, so he punched him out and took the goat. The goat’s name is Rex. Like T. Rex, Enjolras, cool it, I’m not indoctrinating my goat into the monarchy.

Some model for one of Grantaire’s art classes came with a goat because they thought it would make for a good ~pastoral painting~ or something, and then left the goat there, so Grantaire shrugged and brought it with him. It’s named Bottle. Shut up, Courfeyrac, that’s a totally legit goat name.

Marius does not know why this goat is following him will someone please help him and stop giggling and taking pictures :(((((



Reblogging this in hopes that someone will illustrate it.

Marius always exceeds my expectations.


this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out


i feel safe knowin members like this are workin in the FBI

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Night Vale’s tweets about nature make me very happy. (x)

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Laurel Harris and Kara Lindsay singing For Good [x]

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She did not feel beautiful, though. She felt old, used, filthy, ugly.

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